Thursday, October 14, 2010

Part of the Flock

Unfortunately I have been very sick these past couple of weeks. So I haven't been able to keep up with all my blogging and "computer stuff" that seems to occupy a bunch of my time building my Internet business. But the funnest thing happened to me when I was having a bad day just before I sick. aka...a bunch of bad days!

At sunset I was turning into the country club where I go to take care of an elderly women, when a large flock of chickadees uniformly took off from one green side of the road diagonally across to the other side where there is a small pond a ways down. My car was going about 15 miles an hour.  A speed that suited the birds just fine, because they flew "with" me. Surrounding me and gradually rolling over the car to give the continuous wave of birds a chance to fly with the Big Bird! This went on the whole way down the road! 

The big emotional baby I can sometimes be over birds, critters and nature; I started to cry.  For me this was one of the beautiful special moments in life. Even though I cried a few tears, it cheered me up tremendously on a day that had been a bad day.

Just another reason to add to the many reasons of why I love birds so much. I always wished I could be a bird and fly freely like they do. On that day I consider I have done just that.

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