Saturday, January 8, 2011

Running Like Crazy

Here is a special feathered greeting from Tucson, Arizona from all of us who feel like we have been running around like crazy because life is so busy.  I am fortunate enough to get the unexpected pleasure of a Roadrunner crossing the road on random occasions.  I get so excited and laugh everytime.  What a great little cure for stress!  When I've traveled to other parts of the country/world, many people just thought the Roadrunner was a fictional cartoon character.  So I thought that was another good reason to post these long-tailed beauties.  They are characters, but they are all real =}

Fun memory:  I grew up in Sierra Vista, Az  a little over an hour south of Tucson.  We had a pool in the backyard that was safe access for a one-legged roadrunner who had "moved in".  He was so adorable.  I remember him jumping up on the dining room windowsill when were eating.  He startled me so bad one time that I fell out of my chair...he, he, he.  Sneaky bugger! =}

Have a great week "roadrunners"!

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