Monday, December 28, 2009

Fluff at Home

Here are a few great decorating ideas to add a little "fluff" to your home. I love the fact that feathers come strung on a thin strip of ribbon. This makes it easy to add to any sewing project where you would use any other trim or fringe. Hackle feathers come dyed in many colors like in this pillow design. The feathers add a lot of impact and drama to what would be an ordinary pillow.

Here is a decorating tip that does double duty. Make a feather necklace for you and your lampshade to share! It can be as simple as hot gluing a few feathers of your choice to a silky ribbon. Wear it for your special occasion and then use it to jazz up any old lampshade. Sure to be a conversation starter at home and at the party. Dress it up even more by adding jewelry to it. Do have that one earring you love but can't find the other half? Clip off the post and glue on the earring as a centerpiece to your feathers. Or collect your favorite trinkets from the craft store. Let your imagination soar on this one.
This last idea is the simplest of all. Dress up a candlestick with your favorite feather boa. Just clip off the length you need and glue thin little strips of ribbon on each end. This allows you to discretely tie the feathers around the candlestick, yet still be able to remove it easily. Feather boas have many style options with various different feather choices, colors, thickness, and lengths. The more plush the boa the more expensive. But this could be a very inexpensive decorating touch with a regular-sized boa. The left-over boa could be hung on the wall as a garland highlighting a piece of artwork. Again, the options are endless to personalize your space. A space that makes you feel warm, comfortable, and always brings a smile to you face.

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