Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Congratulations to Willowtree Treasures for winning the December Giveaway! I appreciate everyone for following me here at The Feather Factory. I will be having another giveaway soon. So let your friends know. More to come on fun crafts with feathers, weddings with feathers, spotlights on birds, fun birdhouses and feeders, etc. Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Willowtree Treasures can be found at http://willowtreetreasures.blogspot.com/


  1. Oh my thank you! What a cute birdhouse! I think I know right where I'll put it...right on top of the TV stand or on my coffee table for all to look at! I feel so honored to win in your give a way and thank you very much! I am now having a give a way and invite you to enter your name to win. It can be found a http://www.willowtreetreasures.blogspot.com

    In case you need it my address is:
    Deb Payne, 1 Garside Street, Mansfield,Pa 16933

    Thank you again! I put posts of things I win from other artists and will be posting this win on my blog so be watching for a post in your honor! Have a great day! Deb

  2. This amazing giveaway just arrived at my home yesterday! This is the most beautiful birdhouse and have it right now showcased on a primitive candle holder in my kitchen. Also was a lovely smelling body and bath gel was neatly tucked beneath the box holding the adorable birdhouse. I just LOVE body and bath items and this is the best fragranced bath item I've had the pleasure to take a whiff of! I absolutely love both items and appreciate my winnings! I plan on posting these winnings on my blog and will show followers what great giveaways you host here! Thank you so much! I truly appreciate my new additions to my home and body care!LOL I wish you nothing but success and happiness on your blog and in your business! Take care! Deb

  3. I am soo sorry I am sooo darn late....I wrote about my winnings on my blog for the birdhouse and body and bath that I won during your last giveaway and have linked to your shops so people that read my blog will checkout your artfire and fuzzb businesses! I had one thing get in the way to getting this written and then it was an landside! I apologize for being so slow! Thank you again for my winnnings I'm using up the body and bath and I LOVE the birdhouse but now you can see where it is sitting in my home by checking out my blog.....http://www.willowtreetreasures.blogspot.com